our vision

Sustainability, health & happiness.


Debajo De Las Palmas- Under The Palms In Dominican Republic (UPDR) is a non-profit organization working to enrich the lives of the children, women & families in Dominican Republic through nutrition and breastfeeding education, birth support, and supplying clothing, shoes, toys, education supplies, diapers, infant and toddler formula, mosquito nets and much more.

We are Eco-Friendly.

UPDR is committed to being kind to mother earth. Just as we nurture our children, we nurture the earth so that it will in turn nurture our children and us. To be conscious of our environmental foot print, we collect donations that are  second-hand and ship them responsibly. All of our supplies and provisions are packaged and shipped using biodegradable twine, reusable bags, and cardboard boxes. Cotton tote bags are used to distribute our provisions to the families in need that can later be used for carrying food or other goods for the families. They are delivered directly to the most in need areas, saving unnecessary transportation pollution and costly expenses. 

Our Impact

UPDR has been working with orphanages in the central part of the country, Casa Rosada- a home and medical facility for orphaned children living with HIV & AIDS, and Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital- The largest children’s hospital in the country, as well as many rural villages around the country.

UPDR continues to provide daily essentials to many other children's homes and girls schools surrounding the capital as well.

impACTA Kids Foundation has been receiving aid from UPDR since 2016 including daily essentials and baseball equipment to help support the children within their organization. impACTA Kids strives to help children reach academic and athletic achievement.

Each year UPDR expands their aid into a larger geographical area, helping more and more local families living in rural villages that struggle to see the next day.

To date we have reached more than 1,300 children, and more than 500 adults, and will reach more than 1,500 by the end of 2018. See More

Our Goal

Our goal is to not only reach many, many more families in need, but to one day be able to establish a center in the southern part of Dominican Republic, close to the border of Haiti, that will provide schooling, birth support, lactation services, basic health care, as well as general community support. 


Meaghan Guzman
Founder & President


What we do

Reach families in need.

A family in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic who was helped by Debajo De Las Palmas - Under the Palms in Dominican Republic. (Photo- April 2017)

A family in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic who was helped by Debajo De Las Palmas - Under the Palms in Dominican Republic. (Photo- April 2017)