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Without help from our sponsors, children and families will no longer be able to receive help from UPDR. 

Your generous contributions give us the ability to reach families in need and reach out to a larger geographical area. We offer both financial sponsorships and fundraiser sponsorship options with benefits.



Financial Sponsorship

We now offer four levels of financial sponsorships. Financial contributions ensure that deliveries are made from East Hampton, NY to the Dominican Republic regularly, serving those most in need. The greater the contributions, the more we can expand to other locations in the Dominican Republic, reaching more who are desperately in need of our support. 

A one time contribution of just a $125 can enable us to package and ship one 6 square foot box to the children and families in Dominican Republic, which can supply one week of provisions for up to 60 children. All sponsorship levels are currently for a one time donation, but we would love your monthly or yearly support!

BRONZE ($100 - $499)

  • Name or business name given mention on social media

SILVER ($500 - $999)

  • Name or business name and logo listed on our website

  • Name or business name and logo on banner at fundraisers

  • Social media promotion

  • 1 family VIP ticket to annual fundraiser

GOLD ($1000 - $1999)

  • Name or business name and logo listed on our website

  • Social media promotion

  • Name or business name and logo on individual banner at fundraisers

  • 2 family VIP tickets to annual fundraiser

PLATINUM ($2000-$5000 +)

  • Name or business name and logo listed on our website

  • Social media promotion

  • Logo on it's own large banner for annual fundraiser and events throughout the year

  • 3 family VIP tickets to annual fundraiser

  • Clickable link to your website embedded in your logo in our Platinum Sponsors section


Fundraiser Sponsorship

Our fundraiser sponsors donate food, products, and services to our annual fundraiser, making our fundraiser successful. Our annual fundraiser helps make delivery of donations and provisions to families in need possible. Fundraiser sponsors benefits include name or logo listed on our Sponsors page, and name or logo on our banner at our annual fundraiser. Donors of food, products, or services for our annual fundraisers will receive the same benefits as a financial sponsor for donations of equal value. If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser sponsor, please fill out the form below or contact us.

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Make a brighter future.


A Brighter Future For Children Like Sara

Since receiving daily essentials in 2015, Sara has been able to excel in life and become a much happier and healthier child despite her birth defects. Each year that we revisit her, she is overjoyed to see us and each year is healthier than the last.

With contributions of school supplies and early educational toys, children like Sara can be prepared for school, and if unable to attend school, have the ability to be educated at home. Sponsors help UPDR provide these supplies directly into the hands of children in need like Sara.

With the help of our sponsors and supporters, children like Sara can continue to receive aid and live happier, healthier, and more sustainable lives.


Help Us Stay Environmentally Conscious

Although The country has an established liter removal system weekly, with the daily addition of packaging materials from processed foods as well as household garbage, it is impossible to control the piles of liter countrywide.

UPDR is dedicated to keeping the environment clean by using only biodegradable packaging materials and reusable bags to ship and distribute our provisions to the children & families in need. 

Although this is  a more costly practice, it is a huge part of who we are to help these children grow up in a safer and cleaner environment. 



Give Babies Like This A Better Chance

Babies given the advantage of human milk as their primary source of nutrition have a higher rate of survival. With your help, we can bring education about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk advantages to more women and families, leading to a healthier and happier future. 

With the lowest breastfeeding rates in the Caribbean region, we need to bring our knowledge and education to the families that need it the most, and make a difference in the lives of these children and families.  

Sponsors and donors allow us to access and educate more women and families in a wider geographical area. 



Provide Daily Essential Provisions

UPDR works to provide pregnant mothers and new families with the daily essentials necessary when a new baby comes into the world. 

We strive to provide the family with a safe place for the baby to sleep with donations such as cradles, bedding and even mattresses. Mothers are provided with diapers, clothing (for herself and the baby), mosquito nets, breastfeeding education, breastfeeding pillows and supplies, infant bathing tubs, infant carriers (to aid new mothers in returning to daily tasks and even work while still caring for their infants and breastfeeding) formula if needed, and much more. 

Sponsors and donors give UPDR the ability to provide for these families and deliver to them directly.



Make A Difference.
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