The Heart of Dejabo De Las Palmas


Eric Striffler Photography captured this shot at our First Annual Family Picnic Benefit on October 15th. When looking through his incredible photographs of the benefit, this one stood out to me. It has no face. It has no name. It doesn't identify with just one specific person or being. This paint was used to create beautiful art work by over 60 children that day. The brushes each handled in their own way. Each stroked onto the sides of locally grown pumpkins from Seven Ponds Orchard, in their own way.

This shot to be is screaming that no matter what the color of a child's skin, not the color of their hair, nor the language they speak, nor the culture they were raised in.....they are all beautiful. I am hoping to keep spreading these exact words as far as I can scream it (yes....I can be loud 🙊😳).....because every child deserves the same opportunities in life.

This is why I began Debajo De Las Palmas. I saw the beauty of the children living in extreme poverty....without food....without clothing or shoes....babies who are starving because their mamas were never taught how to breast feed them and they cannot afford formula....children who may never go to school. I just simply could not walk away. I said to my husband "I need to do this. I have to help them." And his response "I will do whatever I have to to support you!"

And so it began..... I don't work this hard to have my bills paid by local donations.... I work this hard so these children and their families can look to a brighter future! All of our funding pays for shipping and delivery costs. Not our Airfare....not our apartment.....not our food. Your donations make sure we can safely ship and deliver the provisions directly to the families in need. This is who we are. This is what we do. 

Do you have gentle used it you can donate to help make a difference?

Meaghan Guzman