Our Impact


It was in the spring of 2015 that our family decided to begin shipping our outgrown clothing, shoes, and toys to family members in Dominican Republic. They traveled into the rural villages to distribute the provisions, and when I received the pictures, I fell in love. We began to collect more daily essentials to grow and help more in the coming year. 


Our Impact


In January of 2016, upon our return from Dominican Republic, we began our work to provide more than ever before and have the ability to help more children & families in need.

Donations from our local community, and the families within, began pouring in the door.  The creation of a foundation to help people in need within Dominican Republic began. 

On October 3, 2016, Debajo De Las Palmas- Under The Palms In Dominican Republic Inc. was certified to operate as a non-profit organization. 

In December of 2016, we packed and shipped 28 boxes, 6 square feet apiece, to Dominican Republic, where they awaited our arrival.  Our family distributed the provisions into the rural villages surrounding the capital, orphanages, and the largest children’s hospital in the country.

In December of 2016 & January of 2017, we were able to provide for over 600 people, including 513 children. Our clothing bundles provide enough clothing for one week. 


Our Impact


Our work continued to grow in 2017 and we returned to Dominican Republic with 28 more boxes in December.  We were able to provide infant cradles and bathing tubs, breastfeeding supplies linens and bedding, infant and toddler formulas, daily essentials, educational materials and much more to our children & families in need. UPDR was able to help more children than ever before and bring breastfeeding education to more families than in years past. 


Our Impact


In January 2018, our work continued to reach more families. Starting in 2018, we also began to provide nutrient dense foods for local village families as part of our aid. We provided 1 weeks supply of food for 15 families, some families having up to 12 children. 

In 2018, we were also able to provided more school and educational supplies than ever before as part of our mission. 

UPDR checked in to one of the local villages we have been providing with aid on April 22, and were very pleased with the children's health and happiness! They are looking forward to seeing us again soon!!